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Book Blogs and Freebies

01/05/2013 23:50
The ongoing saga of seeking free reviews for my book The Boon leads me to some interesting places. This evening I began at BookBlogs, a very active site full of authors and reviewers. There, I found a link to Fyrefly's Book Blog, which hosts a customized GoogleSearch of book bloggers. Chasing...


01/03/2013 15:18
  Enso is the Japanese word for circle. By this Zen Buddhist enso is symbolized a moment in which the mind does not interfere with the creative power of the spirit.

Basquiat in a Moment of Zen

01/03/2013 15:14
This painting, believe it or not, is by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Usually, his work is so busy and iconoclastic. I think he let his mind rest on this one. It reminds me to some extent of Buddhist art, in which the circle can mean bliss. Also of course it makes me think of the sun. Whether...

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