A Fresh Start for the Ultimate Blog Challenge

The Ultimate Blog Challenge is a commitment to create one blog post per day for the whole of this month. 

I accept the challenge!

Just hope I don't get blogger's block...

The main reason I'm making a new blog to correspond with this month's challenge is because at my old site, WordPress, visitors are required to sign up and log in before they are able to comment on my posts. For this month of proactive engagement with 1000 other bloggers, I'm needing a less stringent, less proprietary set of groundrules. Hopefully WebNode here will fit the bill. Also starting up blogs and pages has become something of a hobby. Last week I made a half dozen, going a bit overboard with efforts to advertise my recently published book and an attempt to attract authors to have me review their books, and perhaps to have them review mine as well. In case you're curious, some of the various other sites I have going at the moment are at Blog, Blogger, Tripod, GoogleSites, and Weebly. Quite a webpresence I've woven, isn't it? And very redundant, content-wise. 

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